They found it a little difficult to get through last season, but Bingeworthy hosts Jessica Shaw and Touré agree: The Walking Dead is back and bigger (and scarier) than ever.

The pair expressed excitement at the promising season 8 story line of Rick (Andrew Lincoln) leading a revolution and finally delivering an “ass-whooping” to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). “Last season was so brutal,” Shaw said. “It was just like, ‘Oh my God, I cannot be beaten down week after week.'”

However, she added: “Thank God in the season premiere, you see Rick, there’s a revolution, you see something happening … It felt like the old Walking Dead.”

Touré was in complete agreement, conveying general satisfaction with the show picking up the pace year after year. “It did feel a little fresh to see Rick leading this revolution, pushing back against Negan, and reclaiming his power,” he explained. “I like this fight. I want to see where it goes.”

Watch the full Bingeworthy clip above for their thoughts on whether there will be a time jump, how the show keeps viewers in such suspense week after week, and Jessica’s one quibble with the first episode of the season.

The Walking Dead premiere, which airs Oct. 22 on AMC, also marks the series’ 100th episode.

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