The new season premieres Nov. 1

October 18, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT

Vacation time is coming!

EW has an exclusive first look at the official trailer for the new season of Foursome, which stars Jenn McAllister (Andie Fixler) and Logan Paul (Alec Fixler). The show is one of YouTube Red’s most popular original series and the first ever to be renewed for a third season.

And according to the trailer, this new season gets pretty wild: Andie and her pals leave school behind and head to a tropical paradise known as Beach Island for a winter break adventure. It has everything you’d expect from the Foursome gang, plus some pool parties, Insta-worthy floats, and, according to McAllister, plenty of juicy and hilarious drama.

“This season truly is the most dramatic season yet. Every character is kind of dealing with their own little issue here,” McAllister tells EW. “By the end of the season, they’ve all learned really important lessons.”

Season 3 will bring back fan-favorite Logan Paul as Andie’s overbearing and super-protective big brother. Plus, her ride-or-die crew — played by Meghan Falcone (Courtney Todd), Rickey Thompson (Dakota Green) and Monica Sherer (Mae) — will all be there for more awkward adventures.

Foursome , from AwesomenessTV, premieres Nov. 1 on YouTube Red.

Watch the exclusive season 3 trailer above.

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