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October 17, 2017 at 10:01 PM EDT

Kate’s a very guarded person who doesn’t like to get her hopes up. Is that why she hasn’t told Toby yet?
Like most women, whether they’re high-risk pregnancy or overweight or never had a baby, or they’re older, there’s always this thought of, “I don’t want to tell anybody too soon, I don’t want to get their hopes up, I don’t want to get my hopes up, I don’t want to make it real because then I can be disappointed and have my heart broken.” So, yeah, I think she’s protecting Toby, even though it might seem a little selfish because, of course, he would be over the moon. But yeah, she’s afraid, she’s afraid of it becoming real, and then she’s felt a lot in her life that she’s disappointed people, including herself, and she doesn’t want any of that.

I would imagine Toby would be thrilled and make for a very excited hands-on dad. Maybe you just hinted at it when you said he’d be a perfect dad, but what would you say about Toby’s reaction to the news?
It’s what you would expect from Toby. [Laughs] Which is, you don’t know what to expect from him because he’s always just really supportive in his own Toby way.

How will this impact her, as she was just starting to be singularly focused on embarking on this singing career? We know Rebecca had hopes of a singing career and then put those dreams aside to focus on raising a family. There’s an interesting parallel here as Kate is just starting to get these big breaks.
I think that it’s not what she’d originally planned or hoped for in that sense that, oh my goodness, she’s just finding her bearings as a woman, and to then be responsible for another human being is really, really scary. Joyful but scary. That’s also a reservation for her that she does know what her mom gave up. And even though it was by choice and whether people believe that Jack might have persuaded Rebecca into having kids maybe before she was ready, that’s up for interpretation. But yeah, I think that half of her is really unsure and doesn’t know what the road that she’s going down is going to look like. I think what’s going to be so relatable to everyone is no one knows what pregnancy is like — what motherhood is like — until they experience it firsthand. She’s juggling a lot and it’s going to be uncovered with the audience as she discovers as well.

Does this news possibly push up plans for a wedding?
Kids are not cheap, that’s for sure. And weddings aren’t either. So I think that Kate and Toby are really living in this moment, and are living in the now. And while, of course, that’s in the back of both of their minds and the to-do list — and who knows what a Kate-and-Toby wedding will look like, which is another story for another time — I do think that it’s something that is going to be put on the back burner because we don’t know what this all is going to look like.

What hint can you drop about episode 5?
You’ll get to see Toby’s reaction, and what and how he truly feels about being a father. And what it means for their relationship. And if that dynamic will change, and how, so… [deep exhale] … yeah.

And what can you tease about the road ahead for Toby and Kate in the coming weeks? When we talked at the beginning of the season, you said there would definitely be some lows for them this season.
There’s a lot going on with Kate and Rebecca [Mandy Moore], and still some unresolved issues and emotions that are probably going to bubble to the surface a little more. And when a relationship is new and you’re in the honeymoon phase and you’re still on the pink cloud, everything’s great. And listen, Kate and Toby have gone through a lot together, but they’re stronger than they have been perceived in a lot of ways. But things are going to definitely change in their relationship, and they’re going to come up against some issues that are going to challenge the relationship. Truly, truly challenge the relationship.

Is she hoping it’s triplets so she can create a new Big Three? Or will they just adopt two kids in the hospital that day?
Oh my god! I mean, I think it would be so cute if there were twins or triplets. But I think that would probably put her into more of a tailspin. [Laughs] But knowing Kate and Toby, they’d probably want to adopt. But we’re going to leave the adoption stuff up to Randall. Because wooooo, he’s got his hands full.

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