If you thought everything going down in The Challenge: Dirty 30‘s main house was bananas (see what I did there?), wait until you see what’s been happening in the Redemption House. With CT, Leroy, Jemmye, Cara Maria, Aneesa, and Dario just chillin’ and waiting for the chance to fight their way back into the competition, things were inevitably going to get a bit batty.

And this exclusive clip introducing The Real World: Redemption House does not disappoint.

“This is a true story of six Challengers sent to the Redemption House to plot their revenge,” Jemmye says. “Watch what happens when they stop playing the game and start having fun. The Redemption House: Cartagena!”

“When they start chafing and stop being thin,” Aneesa quips later.

“I forgot what it feels like to be in a Real World house and this is like amazing déjà vu,” Jemmye says in a confessional. “If the Redemption House was a Real World season, Leroy would be everyone’s favorite roommate — besides me, of course. CT is always a little stinky; Cara Maria hates all the other roommates; Aneesa would be best friends with all the roommates.”

And Dario? Well, we won’t ruin it for you. Watch the clip above.

The Challenge: Dirty 30 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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