Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is all present and accounted for.

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, America’s embattled top diplomat downplayed drama with President Trump (whom he reportedly called a “moron” this past summer) and responded to Senator Bob Corker’s remark that Trump has “castrated” him before the world stage.

“This is an unconventional president,” Tillerson said. “He uses unconventional communication tools, he uses unconventional techniques to motivate change.”

Tillerson, who has been undermined by his boss on Twitter and challenged to an IQ face-off, added that Trump operates in a “very unique style” but said he’s still on board with his mission.

“I am fully committed to his objectives,” he said. “I agree with his objectives, I agree with what he’s trying to do. How he wants to use his own skills tactically to push things toward change, I’m here to help him achieve those.”

Unsatisfied, Tapper said, “That’s all — you have a cattle ranch. You don’t want to say anything about the senator suggesting you’ve been gelded before the world? That’s not anything that bothers you?”

“I checked,” Tillerson replied. “I’m fully intact.”

During the same interview, Tillerson did not deny calling Trump a “moron,” telling Tapper, “I’m not going to deal with that kind of petty stuff.”

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