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Kate McKinnon reprised her fan-favorite role of Old Hollywood actress Debette Goldry on Saturday Night Live — this time, to skewer disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

McKinnon appeared alongside Leslie Jones (as Viola Davis) and Cecily Strong (as Marion Cotillard) in the latest iteration of SNL’s satirical Hollywood roundtable sketch. For a New York Film Festival panel, Aidy Bryant’s moderator asked the three actresses about sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood, and their thoughts on the dramatic fall of Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment by dozens of women on the record. (Weinstein, through his representative, has denied any allegations of non-consensual sex.)

It’s when she was asked, upfront, whether she’d experienced mistreatment that Goldry recounted her own disturbing experience with Weinstein. Needless to say, it was quite a bit different from the other allegations that have surfaced over the past week.

“I actually did have one meeting with Harvey, okay?” she began. “I was invited to his hotel room, and when I arrived he was naked, hanging upside down from a monkey bar. He tried to trick me into thinking his genitals were actually his face. It almost worked — the resemblance is uncanny.”

Davis and Cotillard, meanwhile, touched on other issues in the sketch that came up throughout the scandal, including men expressing sympathy by referring to themselves as “fathers of daughters” and the continued reality that “women who speak up get called crazy.” Goldry added in an equally triumphant and hilarious monologue to close that the culture of abuse and silence must stop now.

SNL drew skepticism last week for its omission of any reference to Weinstein; reporting of multiple allegations and settlements had already surfaced, and details about the show’s decision to scrap material that tackled the scandal further inflamed the controversy.

The host of Saturday night’s episode, Kumail Nanjiani, has spoken frequently against Weinstein throughout the week on social media, calling for fellow men in Hollywood to speak out in support of women coming forward and strongly denouncing the enabling culture that allowed Weinstein’s alleged behavior to continue for decades.

Watch a clip of the sketch above.

Also on this weekend’s Saturday Night LiveColin Jost said Weinstein should go to prison during the “Weekend Update” segment.

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