Cecily Strong's first lady finds someone she can talk to

By Dana Schwartz
October 15, 2017 at 01:33 AM EDT

The “10 to 1” slot on Saturday Night Live — or the final sketch — is usually reserved for segments that are a little strange, and slightly less mainstream, and this week’s episode, hosted by Kumail Nanjiani, proved to be no exception.

Nanjiani played a worker in a call center for Gucci, who gradually is befriended by a frequent caller: a very lonely Melania Trump (Cecily Strong) in the nascent stages of introspection.

The two discuss their lives and bond over the difficulty of attempting to stop bullying. She recalls a dream in which a panther told her, “Be careful what you wish for.” Trump rescues a spider from a bouquet of flowers. Finally, Trump is able to escape the White House and meet her new friend by hiding a bundle of purses in her bed to mimic her sleeping form. She has to return, but she sends her new friend the spider that she kept safe in a box under her bed.

The short was almost certainly the brainchild of second-year SNL writer Julio Torres, one of the most recognizable voices on the staff, responsible for quiet, esoteric segments like “The Sink” and “Wells For Boys.”

Trump’s dream echoed a tweet from Torres back in September: