Trump walks Pence and 'Mother' through a few tricky situations

By Dana Schwartz
October 14, 2017 at 11:57 PM EDT

Newly-minted Emmy winner Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live this week for a cold open in which the actor’s President Trump gave a speech while walking Beck Bennett’s Vice President Mike Pence through a few tricky scenarios via phone.

“I love the truckers,” Baldwin’s Trump began his speech at a rally in Pennsylvania. “We have so much in common. And not just because all of the blood in our body pools in our legs and our butts.”

After a few jokes about undoing everything President Barack Obama did (including un-planting Michelle Obama’s vegetables) and “Liddle” Bob Corker, Trump got Pence on the phone to make sure he and “Mother,” a.k.a. second lady Karen Pence, would leave an NFL game if any players kneeled — although Pence’s attention may have been more focused on the cheerleaders.

Next, Pence went to Starbucks, and Trump took issue with the October cups that didn’t honor “Our Lord and savior, Santa Claus.”

Finally, Pence ended up at a gay wedding. “Get out of there!” Trump shouted.

Trump also took the time to respond to Eminem’s “nasty” freestyle about him on the BET, which he failed to realize stands for Black Entertainment Television. Trump promised his response would come soon on the White Entertainment Network: HDTV.

Watch the cold open from the Kumail Nanjiani-hosted episode in the video above.

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