And other hilarious fake spoilers from the cast

Ever wonder why Daryl Dixon has never found any love on The Walking Dead? Well, according to star Norman Reedus, the answer may surprise you. Of course, it’s all a bunch of phony baloney and should not be believed under any circumstances, but let’s not worry about that for the time being. According to Reedus, Daryl actually has a tail. And not just any tail, but a “two-foot possum tail on his backside.”

That’s just one of the huge (and completely fake) spoilers waiting for you as we asked the cast of The Walking Dead to reveal certain misinformation about what is coming up on season 8 of the show. We will say no more and let you discover these magical untruths for yourself by watching the video above. Feel free to then spread these lies far and wide. After all, the actors on the show said them, so they must be true!