The comedian responded to conservative critics in new GMA interview

By Christian Holub
October 13, 2017 at 02:21 PM EDT

Jimmy Kimmel has emerged as an unexpected political voice in recent months, thanks to his emotional monologues about his son’s health scares and advocacy against Republican politicians’ plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Kimmel also got emotional discussing the shooting massacre in his hometown Las Vegas, where he made a plea for stricter gun control. But when Kimmel neglected to provide similar outrage over the Harvey Weinstein scandal, conservative critics like Donald Trump Jr. accused him of liberal bias.

In a new interview with Good Morning America about his upcoming Brooklyn show and recent advocacy, Kimmel responded to Trump Jr. (whom he described as “an imbecile whose job seems to be tweeting as far as I can tell”) and his other critics regarding Weinstein.

“Harvey Weinstein is not a friend of mine, I’m not in the movie business,” Kimmel, who hosted the Oscars this year and is scheduled to emcee next year’s festivities as well, said. “And I’ll add that story came out moments before we went to tape on Thursday and we didn’t have a show on Friday. Of course that’s inconvenient, but what they’re doing now, especially these gun nuts, is trying to drag up any comedy bit I do out of context and use it as a proof that I’m calling myself the moral conscience of America, which I most certainly never did and most certainly never would.”

Watch the full interview below.

On Monday night, Kimmel discussed his weekend feud with Trump Jr. and connected his father to Weinstein. “So people are pointing to the fact that Harvey Weinstein was a [Hillary] Clinton supporter, and listen, it’s true,” Kimmel told his late-night audience on Monday night. “I’m not defending Hillary Clinton. The fact is, her campaign did take money from what turned out to be a high-profile man who’s been accused of sexual harassment multiple times. And not just one of them, by the way. She took money from two of them: Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, who donated to Hillary’s campaign in 2008. So, anyway, note to DJTJ, next time you’re defending your father and you think it’s a good idea to draw a comparison between him and a freshly-accused sexual predator? Don’t. It doesn’t help. It really doesn’t.”

The lack of Weinstein jokes made during late-night broadcasts this week has become a talking point on Twitter — though it should be noted that in addition Kimmel, hosts Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Fallon all made cracks at Weinstein’s expense. But jokes about Weinstein were reportedly cut from last week’s Saturday Night Live.

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