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October 13, 2017 at 01:03 PM EDT
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When Josh Chan left Rebecca Bunch at the altar at the end of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s second season, he set her down a brand new, incredibly vengeful path full of man-hating musical numbers and so much more. Here are five things to expect from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s third season.

Full-On Revenge

Rebecca is going to take her vow to destroy Josh seriously in a season the writers have been calling “funny Fatal Attraction.” Aline Brosh McKenna — co-creator, EP, and showrunner — says, “She’s not really cut out to be a vengeful vixen, but she’s going to do her best.” Rachel Bloom, also a co-creator and EP, chimes in, calling this year “the evil twin of season 1.” Adds Bloom: “She moved there for this guy. What happens when it all goes to s–t?”

A Diagnosis

Fans have seen Rebecca go to therapy in the past, but this year, the show’s taking things a step further. “We’re expanding her mental health efforts,” McKenna says. “We’re giving her a diagnosis.” Although McKenna is quick to point out that a diagnosis is not the end of that story.

More Nathaniel

With Scott Michael Foster now a series regular, the show will continue to explore the connection between Rebecca and her new boss. Seeing as how he’s gone from being the show’s most conniving character to maybe a not-so-bad guy and Rebecca’s on the opposite trajectory, Bloom says “that clash with him becoming more like her, her becoming more like him, is really fun for us.”

Meeting Paula’s Family

Crazy Ex will dig into Paula’s backstory with a trip to meet her family in upstate New York. Although star Donna Champlin doesn’t know exactly what the story will reveal, she has a few guesses. “I do suspect that what they know of my personal life will probably make an appearance,” Champlin says. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m from Rochester and Paula’s from Buffalo.”

A VERY Musical Episode

The second episode of the season will feature a whopping four musical numbers. “There’s one [other] time we did four, but it had two or three versions, so it was really like two songs,” Bloom says. “This is three entirely new songs, and the fourth one is somewhere between a reprise and an entirely new song. It was a big production number.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premieres Friday, Oct. 13 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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