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A temporary droughtlander has made landfall — the next episode of the Starz drama won’t air until Oct. 22 — but EW has obtained an exclusive look of the much-anticipated reunion of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan).

We asked executive producer Matthew B. Roberts to tease the upcoming scene, which includes an Easter egg from set designer Jon Gary Steele (hope you can find it!) and a fitting way for Roberts to establish how he was the one who wrote the episode. (Sorry, you’ll have to wait until the episode to find out how he did it.)

How did Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan do with the scene?
I think they definitely found the small moments in the reality of being apart for 20 years. That’s what made it so special; no matter how many different takes we did, each take was pretty special. That’s a tough thing when you get into editing. Which take do we want to use? Sometimes you only get one choice. But in this case, we had a few choices. We shot episodes 5 and 6 at the same time.

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Are those actual printing presses in Jamie’s shop?
Yeah, they are! We have two working printing presses that we built specifically for the show. The typeset really works. Sam Heughan is really doing them on camera.

Why did you decide to make episode 6 longer than usual?
We wanted to let this episode breathe, to be special. And we also felt it was important they reconnect. Look at all that has happened to our characters in the first five episodes. It’s been an emotional battle. We needed them to get back together and take a really deep breath, find out a little bit about each other again before we throw ’em back into the rush of what’s coming in the second half. A little bit of extra episode doesn’t hurt.

For a sneak peek of the episode, click here.

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Outlander Season 4 2018

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