Here's something you might've missed: Kylo Ren's space bandaid

By Nick Romano
October 11, 2017 at 08:23 AM EDT

Eagle-eyed Star Wars fans have already poured over the new Last Jedi trailer countless times over to glean whatever hidden truths lie within the footage. But they’re not the OG Star Wars fan, as Stephen Colbert likes to call himself. The Late Show host carved out time from his monologue to pinpoint everything you might’ve missed from the two-and-a-half minute preview.

While fans were focusing on the new Gorilla Walkers, Finn vs. Phasma, and Rey’s pull to the Dark Side, Colbert was theorizing that Luke Skywalker could actually be “C-3PO dressed up in a man suit the whole time.”

Then there’s the secret villain of The Last Jedi, and it’s not Kylo Ren with his “space bandaid” (“that’s why you can’t have the blades coming out of the sides of the handle!”). It’s that large rock Rey seems to be “conflicted about killing.”

“It’s probably her dad or something,” Colbert joked.

But the real star of the Star Wars trailer is Chewbacca’s new cuddly buddy, the porg. “People love porg, they love the porg,” Colbert said. Well, everyone except BB-8.

The Late Show also released a Star Wars spoof revealing the droid ball of love waking up in the morning to find himself no longer the worldwide obsession he once was. It’s a meaty character piece about the sudden skyrocket to fame and what comes after the spotlight dims.

Watch Colbert’s expert analysis in the clip above.