UPDATE: An earlier version of this article stated Seth Meyers was the only late-night host to make a joke about Harvey Weinstein on Tuesday night after The New Yorker‘s bombshell story. However, Jimmy Fallon worked the situation into his opening monologue on The Tonight Show.

“Of course, another big story is this Harvey Weinstein scandal,” Fallon said. “Today, some very serious allegations came out about his sexual misconduct. You can tell they’re bad ’cause Anthony Weiner just unfriended him.”

EARLIER: From Stephen Colbert to Jimmy Kimmel, late-night television hosts had something to say about Harvey Weinstein on Monday night after The New York Times revealed decades of sexual harassment claims against the now-former Hollywood mogul. But by Tuesday night, after more allegations were published in a New Yorker story, the late-night realm went mum — with the exception of Seth Meyers.

The New Yorker today released audio of fired Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein begging a model to come into his hotel room and watch him shower. And by the looks of him, I’m guessing that shower never happened,” Meyers said. “I mean, the rest of us need one.”

Some Republicans continue to claim that late-night television hosts are blinded by their left-wing bias. Donald Trump Jr., for one, insinuated to Kimmel over social media that he was going easy on Weinstein because of politics.

The initial Times piece detailed allegations of sexual harassment and claims of settlements between Weinstein and at least eight women. Numerous other individuals — including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento, Rosanna Arquette, and Mira Sorvino — went on the record with their own stories, which include multiple accusations of sexual assault.

Before the explosive New Yorker article and accompanying audio of Weinstein’s actions came to light, Late Night writers Amber Ruffin, Ally Hord, and Jenny Hagel said they were “disgusted” but “shocked that people were shocked.”

“So far we know Weinstein reached cash settlements with eight women,” Ruffin said, “and where there are eight, there are always more.”

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