The star explains how Air Jordan inspired a zombie slam dunk

By Dalton Ross
October 10, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT
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Michael Jordan has a few accomplishments. The guy won a college championship, six NBA titles, and scored approximately 5 billion points in his career — many of them in very dramatic high-flying fashion.

He also inspired Norman Reedus’ favorite zombie kill on The Walking Dead. It seems Air Jordan was the inspiration behind a zombie slam dunk that Daryl Dixon performed on an unsuspecting walker. We learned this when we asked Reedus about his favorite zombie kill.

“There was one in the courtyard,” says Reedus. “And [director of photography] Mikey Satrazemis, he’s behind the camera and he goes, ‘You know what would look really cool is if [you] just jump straight up and came down straight on his head, like Michael Jordan.’ It looks so dope.”

Dopeness was indeed achieved. And while it’s not as cool as Michael Jordan appearing as an actual zombie, it’s still pretty darn cool. Reedus also explains how the moment was important off-screen as well. “In a lot of the photos you see of that online, there’s just a handle because you can’t jump up, and I don’t even think we had rubber weapons back then, it was so long ago. But you see me coming down, and boom! And it started this camaraderie between the cast and the camera department and our crew — everyone is so involved in everything. I remember him giving me that and being like, oh, man, that guy’s got my back. He’s not just doing the camera. He’s in it.

That’s not Reedus’ only favorite zombie-slaying moment. “I also like the chain, the whip of the walkers across the face, because that was brand new. It was really cool.” To see that chain kill — our personal favorite — as well as Reedus discussing his favorite walker eradication, click on the video above. And for more Walking Dead intel, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

Norman Reedus

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