By Marc Snetiker
October 10, 2017 at 07:59 AM EDT
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There’s a formula to the new Kevin Can Wait, and it goes like this: Kevin and Vanessa have a workplace scene where they talk about something vaguely job-related (this week: Kevin has the wackiest decorations for their shared office!). Then, Vanessa inexplicably shows up at Kevin’s house in the morning as he’s shepherding his children off to school, helping herself to a cup of coffee and securing her involvement as the sole feminine adult voice of reason in the domestic sphere (“Isn’t it obvious? Sara has a boyfriend!”). Then, they’re back at the workplace again, bantering once more over office squabbles (Kevin wants to rename the firm Monkey Fist Security!) until Vanessa can swoop into Kevin’s family’s story line again to be the maternal figure that the family so tragically fired after season 1.

The interesting thing is, the kids presently don’t seem to even really notice Vanessa. Sara walks out of the kitchen in the morning without even acknowledging the woman’s presence, and later has a deep meaningful conversation in her bedroom (entirely offscreen, BTW) with her dad’s strangely comfortable new business partner. Meanwhile, young son Jack doesn’t even look in her direction, and oldest daughter Kendra, for whom Vanessa orchestrated a wedding, is nonplussed. It’s almost as if she is simply the ghost of a woman stuck in the Gable family kitchen. In unrelated news, Donna is mentioned twice this episode with another round of unconvincing “I wish she was here”s.

Anyway, there was potential for physical contact this week, as Vanessa and Kevin almost found themselves at the center of a reluctant couples’ skate routine! But no way — they’re just friends! And friends wouldn’t be caught dead on a dance floor together, no sir! Like Vice President Pence alone at a dinner with any distinguished female colleague who isn’t his wife, it just won’t happen! Instead, Vanessa and Kevin stick to a light repartee this week: Kevin claims he’s “both a mother and a father,” and Vanessa quips, “Turns out you’re one dumb motherfather!” Credit where it’s due: I giggled!

So, did Kevin and Vanessa hook up in week 3? Far from it! They wouldn’t even go skating together! Try again!

Kevin James returns to CBS in the sitcom, Kevin Can Wait.
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