The former 'Daily Show' host was on hand to provide 'balance'

Stephen Colbert has an interesting solution to Donald Trump’s request for “equal time on T.V.”: Jon Stewart.

On Monday’s Late Show, the host addressed the president’s weekend tweets, where he called Colbert and his fellow late-night comrades “unfunny” and pushed for less “one-sided coverage.”

“That’s not how this works,”he declared. “You’re the president, we make fun of you. But we’re going to do it anyway, just to make you feel better, sir. I will now be joined by another host licensed in ‘unfunny’ and that host will offer balance to what I say about the president.”

The “unfunny” host, who emerged to great applause, was none other than Colbert’s former Daily Show boss.

Watch the preview clip above. The Late Show airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS.

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