Her new Hulu series will tackle topics like voting for 'rich f—ks that lie to your faces'

What starts as a feel-good song and dance number quickly descends into an examination of white privilege and identity politics in the trailer for Sarah Silverman’s new Hulu series I Love You, America. The comedian starts off singing about how she loves men, women, straights, gays, Haitians, Koreans, black people, and even police officers — but only because she as a white woman can.

“Well, that’s easy for me to say,” she explains to the camera while backup dancers clap in the background. “I mean, I can walk into any encounter with the police assuming they’re going to serve and protect me, that’s my luxury. That’s called white privilege.”

Parks and Recreation star Retta also makes an appearance to tell Silverman its not black people’s responsibility to teach her how to be a good ally. “Sarah, seriously take a class or something. I’m busy,” she deadpans. “I’m not all black people. I’m just Retta.”

Silverman’s new variety show will tackle political and social topics by reaching across the aisle to opposing viewpoints, not just “liberal Hollywood elites.” She hopes I Love You, America can bring people together with humor.

“Nothing brings people together more than laughing,” she told EW in an interview. “And listen, I have very strong political views and I’m not abandoning them. I’m still me, but I’m trying to be as open as possible because unless our porcupine needles are down, change can’t happen.”

I Love You, America premieres on Hulu Thursday, Oct. 12.

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