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Becoming an actor on a hit show wasn’t always the plan for Richard Rankin.

The Outlander star — who plays Roger Wakefield, the historian who falls hard for Claire’s daughter Brianna — revealed on EW Radio that he once had musical aspirations.

“I fancied myself as being a bit of a singer when I was a teenager,” Rankin said Monday on Outlander Live! “I’m gonna just be honest: I wanted to be in a boy band. I wanted to be a Nick Carter. I wanted to be, like, a Backstreet Boy or something like that.”

Sit with that for a minute, Sassenachs. We’ll wait.

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Rankin also had lots to say about his scenes with Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and how his character showed up unannounced at her door in Boston, only to walk in on an argument between her and Claire. “Such a powerful moment,” Rankin reflected. “He’s again caught in the crossfire between Claire and Brianna as he seems to do so frequently. That says a lot about that dynamic of Claire, Roger, and Brianna.”

The Scotland-born actor also talked a lot about his character’s beard and what place it may — or may not — have in season 4. Have a listen.

Did you read the latest news? Outlander is taking a break! The much-anticipated print shop scene won’t air until Oct. 22. For more about that, read here.

For more about episode 5, read my burning questions with executive producer Matthew B. Roberts here and my chat with costume designer Terry Dresbach about the batsuit here.

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Outlander Season 4 2018

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