It seems Jon Snow knows nothing of how much Rose Leslie hates April Fool’s Day.

Kit Harington learned the hard way that his fiancée does not celebrate the prank-centered holiday, despite his family being avid observers of the April 1 celebration.

On The Jonathan Ross Show, Harington revisited a video of a prank he played on Leslie earlier this year. She opens the fridge and recoils in horror shrieking, saving the Brita filter in her hand before sinking to the floor in terror.

What was it that scared Leslie so much? A Game of Thrones prop head made to resemble a dead Jon Snow. “After that she was in tears and I was there going, ‘April Fool’s!'” he explained. “It didn’t go down well.”

Though the two are now engaged to be married, it seems the prank was a major sticking point for the couple. “She pretty much told me if I ever did it again that would be it,” said Harington.

Watch the video above to witness the full horror of Harington’s prank.

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