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By Ruth Kinane
October 09, 2017 at 07:30 AM EDT
Credit: Starz

Everyone take a deep breath. We know you need a moment to gather your thoughts and emotions after that final scene!

Once you’ve recovered and find yourself just staring at the clock waiting for next week’s episode, why not revisit the best moments from this week’s installment to help while away the time. As always, ‘Freedom & Whisky’ spanned centuries and continents, but also saw Roger (Richard Rankin) enjoy his first American Christmas, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) drop out of Harvard, and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) make herself a “batsuit.”

Check out the top 24 moments that had us laughing, crying and, like Jamie, (LITERALLY) swooning.

1. When Claire was the OG Meredith Grey.

2. When Roger arrived in America for his first ever visit.

3. And the taxi driver really didn’t have time for his moment relishing.

4. When Brianna was super pissed to be interrupted mid-quarrel with her mom.

5. But then realized it was Roger and wasn’t so pissed after all.

6. When Roger told Claire that Jamie is alive and working as a printer in Edinburgh.

7. When Roger was totally hooked on Dark Shadows.

8. When Claire looked super stylish and Brianna super Scottish in tartan and frills (and stylish too).

9. When everyone was impressed by the moon landing and Claire was just like, but have you traveled through time because it beats space?

10. When Claire asked Joe if she was attractive…

11. …and he was all, suuuuuuuure?

12. When Claire got to work on her utility belt and the Batman music accompanied her actions.

13. When the “batsuit” was complete in all its splendor.

14. When Brianna convinced Claire that Jamie will still love her after all these years.

15. When Claire bid Brianna a teary farewell and headed off to Scotland…

16. …and rolled out of Glasgow Boston.

17. When Brianna and Roger shared a festive kiss.

18. When Claire stepped out of a Boston cab…

19. …and into an 18th-century puddle in Edinburgh.

20. When Claire discovered Jamie’s place of work.

21. And then finally laid eyes on her husband.

22. When Jamie heard Claire’s voice for the first time in 20 years…

23. …and then saw Claire for the first time in 20 years…

24. …and then promptly fainted in shock.

Outlander airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

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