The fast-food chain may have underestimated the level of demand
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Rick and Morty continues to dramatically expand the market for McDonald’s Szechuan sauce.

As if the dipping sauce’s unexpected one-day-only return to the fast-food mega-chain wasn’t enough, new listings on eBay are proving that fans are willing to pay top dollar for it — aftermarket price hikes which might just give McDonald’s some new product ideas.

Indeed, per the online commerce site, miniscule 0.5 ML packets of Szechuan sauce are going for anywhere from $60 to — you may want to sit down for this — $700. (One listing even goes to $1,000.) And some sellers, predictably, are running scams, assuming you don’t consider paying hundreds of dollars for a pack of fast-food dipping sauce a total ripoff as well.

To recap: In the Rick and Morty season 3 premiere, Rick’s hilarious tangent about wanting that “Mulan McNuggets Sauce” — a reference to the Szechuan sauce’s debut as promotion for the 1998 Disney film — inspired the Adult Swim cartoon’s ever-expanding fanbase to call on McDonald’s to revive the product. The chain obliged last week, holding a one-day-only event on Sunday — and judging by the rapid shift to sites like eBay, it appeared that packets of the sauce ran out rather quickly.

McDonald’s confirmed the sad news on Twitter, apologizing to “the best fans in the multiverse” who didn’t get a taste. Some complained that the restaurant empire was ill-prepared to handle the demand.

Rick declared that finding more Szechuan sauce was his “series arc … even if it takes nine seasons!” As to whether he’d pay $700 dollars for a pack? That remains an open question. But one thing seems clear: Dan Harmon, Rick & Morty‘s co-creator, probably won’t be making any bids.

“I personally thought it was a sauce that was trying too hard in a world where with McNuggets sauce you just want something to taste like honey or like a BBQ sauce,” Harmon recently told EW. “It was sauce that was trying to prove it was different and in doing so it worked harder than a sauce should; it was working too hard to be a sauce …”

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