Could we be any sadder?

And there you have it, straight from the sad, sad, source: Friends is never going to come back from the beloved TV show graveyard.

After being asked on Entertainment Weekly: The Show whether it was a possibility, the question was met with an unfortunate but swift no.

“We did it, and it’s done, and we did it right,” said David Crane, co-creator of both Friends and Episodes, which also starred Matt LeBlanc.They definitely did it right: Friends ran on NBC for 10 seasons, racking up 236 episodes from 1994-2004 and has been streaming on Netflix since 2014 – to the delight of fans everywhere.

“You can’t go back,” adds Episodes co-creator and Crane’s life partner Jeffrey Klarik. “You sit there and you go, ‘Oh my god what happened to him? How did they get so old? And they’re not so funny anymore.'”

Watch the entire clip above to hear the duo talk about Friends and the ending of Episodes.

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