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October 05, 2017 at 12:30 PM EDT
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What can you tease about Anatoly’s return on Arrow this season? — Franco
Oliver’s mentor returning as an enemy, not an ally, will put the Emerald Archer in a very difficult position. “Anatoly has an interesting power over him that I don’t know a lot of other villains — if any villain at all — has ever had,” Stephen Amell tells me. “Oliver didn’t kill Chase for a very specific reason, because that’s what Chase wanted, but he tried to kill Malcolm, and he killed Slade once upon a time, and then put him away in prison, and then he went on this anti-killing thing, but he still killed Ra’s al Ghul and still killed Damien Darhk. Anatoly is this weird grey area of a guy that he loves and respects too much.”

What’s next for Japril this season on Grey’s Anatomy? — Safae
I feel for the Japril fans right now, but their future is looking pretty murky. The one piece of good news: They’ll never totally be out of each other’s lives. “They’re going to be doing life together to some degree because of this child,” says Sarah Drew, who explains that the couple not living under one roof could end up being a good thing for, at the very least, their friendship. “The thing that is not okay is being somewhere in-between,” Drew says. “That’s the thing that is continually causing the most pain so it could be a really good step for her to make a clean break and try to shut her heart down when it comes to him, which is incredibly difficult, especially since they share a child together, and she can’t just refuse to see him.”

Any last pieces of Once Upon a Time scoop before Friday’s debut? — Michaelene
As someone who has seen the premiere already, I would suggest one thing: patience. You will not get all the answers you seek in the first hour about some of our fan-favorites, but I can guarantee you that both episode 2 and episode 4 will provide a wealth of information that will hit you right in the feels. Here’s my only clue for you: time.

I’m so glad Jake and Rosa got out of prison on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. What’s next? — Daniela
Now that she’s out of jail, Rosa is going to start to ponder what’s next for her. “Everybody on the squad is moving forward in their lives,” Stephanie Beatriz tells me. “Jake and Amy have been dating for a while and they moved in together, Charles has an adopted child from Russia and Gina is pregnant. What’s Rosa doing with her life? Exactly. She was engaged to Adrian, and they rushed to the altar and then called it off last minute. Rosa is looking around at everyone in her squad and thinking, ‘Why am I not moving forward? What’s going on with me?’ and that makes her really question her relationship with Adrian and try to pull it apart and figure out why it doesn’t seem like the right fit for her.”

When will Snart be back on Legends of Tomorrow? — Mar
Can’t say when, but I can tell you that he’ll return to find a very different Mick in his absence. “Mick’s really letting go,” Dominic Purcell says. “He’s really stepped out of Snart’s shadow and he’s, on the surface, less dark — still very dark, but not as deeply burdened. The great thing about Mick is that he is so funny, even more so this year, and I think that’s a condition of stepping out of Leonard’s shadow, and yet that also allows him to start finding himself.”

So how long do we have to wait for an Olitz scene on Scandal? — Martin
Hate to break it to you, but you won’t get one in the premiere. Even though Fitz and Olivia shared that very public kiss in the finale, when pressed, Kerry Washington played rather coy on their future. “There’s been some conversation [between them],” she says. “But he is in Vermont and she is in D.C. and we’ll see how long he can stay away or she can stay away.”

Please give me some hope for Tom on The Blacklist! — Miguel
That grim flash forward is not as far off as you think. However, could there be enough time for Liz and Tom to, perhaps, finally get married? “Third time’s the charm,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp says with a laugh. “They’ve tried a couple times, and I have my fingers crossed for them. If it does happen, I’ll be sure to get you an invite. It will be a wonderful, strange ceremony.”

Will Catherine return to Hawaii Five-0 this season? — Lisa
As of yet, no official plans, but we’ll likely see her in the future. “That is something that will be wrapped up at some point,” executive producer Peter Lenkov tells me. “She’s definitely still a part of our world, I will say that. I know that there’s a lot of like fans that go either way on her character, but that story in my mind is not wrapped up.”

You said there would be blood on How to Get Away with Murder, but we didn’t see that in the premiere! — Jason
Patience, my friend. Just because you didn’t see it on screen, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. “As far as you know, it didn’t happen in the premiere. You didn’t see a murder, but anything could’ve happened in that flash forward,” EP Pete Nowalk teases. “There will be more bloodshed and tragedy.”

Wisdom of the Crowd‘s Sophie can’t be a 100 percent good idea, right? — Marcus
You’d be right in assuming that! Jeremy Piven’s Silicon Valley mogul Jeffrey Tanner definitely opened Pandora’s box by creating this crowdsourcing technology. An upcoming episode explores “what happens when the users uncover something that was supposed to not be uncovered for very legitimate and good reasons,” says EP Ted Humphrey. “That’s true both of cases we may find, but it’s also true of our main character and his daughter. Once you start asking the crowd to help solve your daughter’s murder, what else are they going to uncover about your daughter and about you that you frankly wanted to keep private and didn’t assume they were going to find?”

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