Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5

It’s not every day a secretary of state is obliged to downplay accounts of tension between him and the president after reportedly calling him a “f—ing moron,” but that’s been precisely the case for Rex Tillerson — and you can bet the late-night hosts are making the most of it.

In the wake of NBC News’ bombshell report that Secretary Tillerson threatened to resign over the summer and badmouthed President Trump behind his back, Seth Meyers mercilessly mocked Tillerson’s hastily arranged press conference, in which he “took the extraordinary step of trying to assure the American people that the president is not, in fact, a moron.”

After playing a clip of Tillerson pledging that Trump “loves his country” and is “smart,” Meyers said, “Man, to think a guy’s a moron and then be forced to publicly say he’s smart. I guess when your name is Rex, you’re going to be good at rolling over.”

Drawing laughter, applause, and even some oohs, Meyers then playacted talking to a dog: “Good boy, Rex, good boy!”

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Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5
Late Night With Seth Meyers
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