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A new trailer for The Librarians season 4 is finally here.

On Thursday, executive producer Dean Devlin and stars Christian Kane and John Harlan Kim unveiled a new promo for the TNT supernatural drama’s upcoming season, which features footage of Flynn (Noah Wyle) and Baird (Rebecca Romijn) taking part in the Tethering Ceremony, which grants them immortality by bonding them to the Library forever. It’s just another reminder that the life of a Librarian is far from normal.

“There comes a time in every librarian’s life when he has to deal with the downside of being a superhero,” Flynn says to the team in the trailer. “You’re not normal people. You won’t lead normal lives. ”

Unfortunately, there’s also something wrong with the Library itself. According to Jenkins (John Larroquette), the library is also “uncoupling from reality” and he has no idea how it’s changing. (Neither do we for that matter.) “It will be game over,” he says ominously in the promo.

Watch the exciting trailer above.

The Librarians returns Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 8 p.m. ET on TNT.

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