Seth Rogen and his Preacher compadre Evan Goldberg direct the Hulu series

Josh Hutcherson prepares to face the Biotic Wars in the self-aware genre riff of The Last Starfighter. Ahead of this year’s festivities at New York Comic Con, Hulu dropped the new trailer for Future Man, a new action-comedy helmed by Seth Rogen and his Preacher partner-in-crime Evan Goldberg.

Sci-fi has a lot of unsuspecting saviors. This one has a janitor.

By day, Josh Futturman mops up waste at Kronish Laboratories. By night, he’s melting his mind with hours of playing a video game that, as it turns out, is actually a recruitment tool sent from the future to identify who among humanity is able to prevent a worldwide extinction. When Josh wins the game, fighters Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson) travel back in time to enlist him for the war.

Remember, it’s got Rogen and Goldberg, so Future Man is packed with comedy. The key to changing the future, for one, is Elias Kronish (Keith David), whose research to find a cure for herpes is what sends the world spiraling towards an apocalypse. Cut to the trailer’s montage of time-traveling shenanigans that involve catfighting in hazmat suits and c-blocking moonwalking.

Future Man was created by executive producers Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir (Sausage Party). “All of us grew up in the era of these amazing movies like Back to the Future and The Terminator,” Shaffir told EW. “This was an opportunity to lean into the genre, but do it in a funnier way.”

New York Comic Con will host an early screening for fans on Friday, Oct. 6 ahead of the show’s premiere on Nov. 14.

Watch the trailer above.

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