It looks like there’s some bad blood brewing at MMN.

In an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode of NBC’s sitcom Great News, Portia Scott-Griffin, a news anchor played by Nicole Richie, has started a fight at work — and it’s up to her boss, played by Tina Fey, to stop it.

“Shots Fired: Portia Scott-Griffith declares squad feud with MMN boardroom bitch,” Fey’s character Diana St. Tropez reads, after seeing an article about the story posted on a gossip site.

The news comes alongside a video starring the news anchor and her squad that spoofs Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video.

Dressed in black and sensually washing a dish, Richie’s character sings, “You know you better wash dish, bish / I’ve had enough of your ish bish / I’m a famous and rich bish / so you better wash dish, bish.”

Credit: NBC

The video also stars Andrea Martin’s character Carol Wendelson as “Lil Troublemaker,” who raps about how she’s so crazy all she wants is grandbabies.

After watching the video, Fey’s character says, “Not today.”

Fey, who is also a co-executive producer for Great News, joined the cast for season 2 as the new owner of the cable news channel MMN.

“She thinks the show could be a lot better,” Fey told TV Insider in September. “As the new owner of MMN, it’s St. Tropez’s goal to get the failing cable news channel out of the ratings dumper and into the national spotlight. Along the way, she will also unsettle her new minions with her no-b.s. approach to getting the job done.”

Great News airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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