Plus, the Property Brother explains why he was so prepared to lift partner Emma Slater

By Lynette Rice
October 03, 2017 at 01:39 PM EDT
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Each week, HGTV star Drew Scott is taking EW inside his progress on Dancing With the Stars. This week, Scott weighs in on his Argentine tango, getting praise from Len, and how his twin brother Jonathan helped prepare him to lift dance partner Emma Slater. (Head here for our full DWTS recap.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you feel about going first?
DREW SCOTT: Actually I kinda liked it. Any of the stress you get from doing the dance, you get it out away so you get to cheer all of your friends for the rest of the night. It’s been getting better and better every week. I love every dance we do, but that was definitely a fave last night. So much energy, so much from the audience.

Your guilty pleasure is crime shows. So which ones do you like?
It’s actually forensic investigation as well. For me, Forensic Files is one that I watch all the time.

In that rehearsal package, you did the lie detector test and asked Emma, “Am I cuter than my brother?” There is a difference! I’m here to ask: What are the differences?
Actually the only difference is that Jonathan has a scar between his eyebrow, and then another one on his eyebrow that I gave him. We were 18. It was on the basketball court. We were on the same team; I just happened to be more aggressive than he was. I gave him a scar on his lip. I gave him a bump on his head. I sat on his head for nine months in the womb, so that’s like a bump.

You did three lifts in the Argentine tango. Was that easy?
Lifts are very very hard to do smoothly. Len said, “Amazing. It was great.” I loved hearing positive feedback. To be honest, the reason why I can do that is because I’m used to lifting Jonathan. We do it all the time. I lift him up as a joke and we’ll spin around and whatever. Lifting Emma, who is literally half Jonathan’s weight, is like, well, she feels like a feather

Len loved it! But then gave you a 7. What’s up with that?
I feel that’s all right. I got positive remarks. We know Len is a very tight judge when comes to what he offers. I am honestly very happy with that. We got the two 8s from Bruno and Carrie Ann. This whole week we were saying, “If we can find a way to get an 8, get everything nice and crisp and clean, I will be happy.”

Where are you off to next?
I’m in Dallas right now. Right after the show last night, I took the red eye to Dallas. We had an appearance here in front of a 1,000 fans. We did a book signing for our book It Takes Two, and we ended up having 10 times the number of people come for book signing than what we expected. Jonathan and I are the kind of guys who don’t want to leave anyone without a signed book, so we stayed longer. It also means we might miss our flight. We’re racing to the airport now!

You mentioned Las Vegas. Do you have a part-time home there?
I’ve been living there for eight years, so it’s been home for quite some time for me. I have friends who were at the concert on Sunday. Its a devastating thing; it’s a sad thing that happened, whether it was Vegas or anywhere else. It’s such a terrible thing when such an act of negativity happens to a bunch of people who are just out, trying to have a fun time.

Are your friends who were at the concert okay?
Yes. Our corporate offices are in Las Vegas. We  know a lot of people there. Everyone is okay. There were still a lot of people who were killed or injured. It’s just frustrating — this is the world we live in. Obviously the show does have to go on, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking of the families or aren’t trying to support the families that are affected.

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