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Curb Your Enthusiasm relishes sitting in drawn-out moments of awkwardness. It’s a hallmark of the hit HBO Larry David comedy — and its ninth season, which premiered Sunday night, is no different.

Bingeworthy host Touré says he’s welcoming back the show with open arms after six years of being off the air. “I was watching this episode and I thought, man, this is great, but it’s the same thing we’ve seen before,” he admitted. “And then the plot changes and grows, and I’m like, this is one of the great episodes of Curb. It’s so smart, it’s so meta, it’s so thoughtful.”

Co-host Jessica Shaw thinks the show’s signature “cringe TV” quality goes too far in the first episode, though. “I felt like I was bad-cringing a little bit,” Shaw says about a scene in which Larry (the character) calls a lesbian couple bride and groom. “The death of comedy is political correctness, but sometimes there is a bit of a gut-check.”

Shaw and Touré both agree, however, that David is nailing his brand of comedy, centered around what Touré calls “those little mundanities that annoy the hell out of you.” Watch the clip above to find out why they will be cringing, and bingeing, season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

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