The 'Entourage' star gives alternatives to using plastic straws


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Entourage star Adrian Grenier wants to tell you what sucks – and no, it’s not Vincent Chase losing out on a big part or anything like that. It’s plastic straws.

“If we don’t act now before 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish,” he said during an episode of Entertainment Weekly: The Show. “The only solution is to stop sucking.”

Grenier highlights a number of alternatives — both realistic and slightly far-fetched — to using plastic straws. While sipping directly from a glass is perfectly reasonable, using a Slim Jim straw might not be for everyone. Still, eliminating waste caused by plastic straws is a cause that we can all get behind.

Serving as the co-founder of Lonely Whale, Grenier has incorporated the phrase #StopSucking into a call to action, recently receiving an endorsement from Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The foundation previously posted an overarching explanation of the project with several celebrity cameos.

Watch the full clip above to learn some alternatives to using plastic straws, and you can learn more about the cause at

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