By Christopher Rosen
October 01, 2017 at 10:19 AM EDT
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No one had more fun during Saturday’s season 43 premiere of Saturday Night Live than host Ryan Gosling. From his opening monologue (a cheeky spoof built upon the idea that Gosling thinks he saved jazz thanks to La La Land) to Kate McKinnon playing with Gosling’s butt as an alien abductee to even a bit of jazz flute in the night’s final sketch, Gosling laughed and laughed — and his giggles often seemed to be contagious.

He laughed in the monologue

Gosling pronounced New Orleans as it’s “correctly pronounced”: “Nerlens.” The gag got him to crack up.

He laughed during “Another Close Encounter”

When Gosling hosted in 2015, he lost it throughout a sketch that featured him, Kate McKinnon, and Cecily Strong as three people who claimed they were abducted by aliens. (The video was a viral hit for SNL.) On Saturday night, Gosling, McKinnon, and Strong returned to play the same characters — and it didn’t take long for Gosling’s laughter to find its way onto live television. (Watch the full sketch above.)

He laughed during “Italian Restaurant”

In this sketch, Gosling and Strong played a couple who are fooled by a Domino’s Pizza advertisement.

He laughed during “Dive Bar”

The last sketch of the night — and the last laugh of the night too.

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