Seatbelts, everyone!


Who’s ready to ride again on The Magic School Bus? With season 1 of Netflix’s revival cartoon series now streaming on the digital platform, the opening credits are available to watch with SNL Emmy winner Kate McKinnon voicing Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda singing the theme song.

Frizzle and her kids are back to “cruisin’ on down Main Street” before “surfin’ on a sound wave” and “swingin’ through the stars” on various adventures in pursuit of science.

The theme for The Magic School Bus Rides Again pretty faithfully recreates the original, which you can see below — with a few upgrades. Arnold, though, is still anxious as ever about where the class will go next.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again debuted its first 13-episode season Friday.

Netflix is also rebooting another childhood favorite from the 1990s, Carmen Sandiego. Gina Rodriguez will voice the red-hat criminal in an upcoming animated revival, coming in 2019.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

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