'There's one curse word this season which was really different and funny,' says Millie Bobby Brown.
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During the first season of Stranger Things, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) was a young gal of few words. But, for Stranger Things 2, she’s increasing her vocabulary… just a little bit.

“I didn’t have much more vocabulary but the things I did have to say were really fun,” says Brown. “There’s one curse word this season which was really different and funny.” We predict a burnt Eggo leads to an F-bomb meltdown.

Credit: Dan Winters for EW

Could the newfound profanity be due to some growing pains? “It’s more coming of age,” says Brown of her storyline. “She’s learning how to be a normal teenager and she never had a normal childhood. A big thing for her is to come into a world where she not only has powers but she has teenage issues. It’s something that I’m going through right now also so it’s pretty relatable [laughs].”

Episode 7 of Things 2 will actually be its own Eleven-centric installment. Series creators The Duffer Brothers say they wanted to give Brown a storyline worthy of her young talents.

Says Ross Duffer, “We discovered while filming season 1 how amazing Millie was. We knew she was great but we didn’t know she was that great. We wanted to give her a really interesting arc this season that’s different than just playing fish out of water. So we get to see a lot of range out of her which is great.”

Stranger Things 2 returns on Oct. 27 to Netflix.

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