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Hell’s Kitchen is back, and the flames (and tempers) in the kitchen are hotter than ever.

After 16 seasons, Gordon Ramsay has selected 16 “All Stars” from the previous years to return to compete for a spot as head chef at the first ever Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Ramsay has invited back former contestants Robyn Almodovar (season 10), Dana Cohen (season 10), Elise Harris (season 9), Barbie Marshall (season 10), Ashley Nickell (season 15), Jennifer Normant (season 9), Amanda Palomino (season 15), Michelle Tribble (season 14), Jared Bobkin (season 15), Nick Peters Bond (season 14), Giovanni Filippone (season 5), Van Hurd (season 6), Benjamin Knack (season 7), Milly Medley (season 14), Josh Trovato (season 14), and Ben Walanka (season 5).

The returning chefs span a range of seasons from the 5th to the previous 15th season. Some have been selected from the same years, so expect to see old rivalries flare up.

The super-teaser for the new season includes some of the most drama we’ve ever seen on the show, including chefs walking out and the arrival of an ambulance.

Watch Ramsay call the returning contestants to invite them back and a glimpse of the upcoming drama in the clip above.

Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars premieres Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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