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The following contains spoilers about Will & Grace

Don’t be surprised if Donald Trump tweets about the return of Will & Grace.

The premiere episode of the NBC revival included numerous jokes at the expense of the president — including a crack about Trump’s skin tone being comparable to Cheetos and a spoof on his “Make American Great Again” campaign slogan, imagined on Will & Grace as “Make America Gay Again.”

As part of the debut episode’s plot, Trump-voter Karen (Megan Mullally) revealed she had scored Grace (Debra Messing) the opportunity to redesign the Oval Office — which, audiences later found out, includes a Russian-to-English dictionary and a fidget spinner among the personal items on the president’s desk. (The Oval Office scenes also allowed for Will & Grace to spoof Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway’s infamous texting photo, with Mullally’s Karen filling in for Conway.) By the end of the half-hour debut, Grace has left a “Make America Gay Again” hat on Trump’s desk chair.

That joke specifically caught fire online, with many on Twitter wondering what the president might say — or tweet — in response.

The Will & Grace team has not shied away from taking on Trump thus far. Speaking Saturday during the Tribeca TV Festival, co-creator David Kohan joked that he would rather be called a “son of a bitch” by President Trump (the same phrase Trump used to attack NFL players who protest during the national anthem) than “the son of someone who was arrested at a KKK rally.” (In 1927, Trump’s father, Fred, was reportedly arrested after an altercation between the KKK and New York City police officers during a Memorial Day parade. Fred Trump wasn’t charged with a crime, however, and later released. Trump has denied Trump has previously denied his father was arrested.)

Will & Grace airs Thursdays on NBC.

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