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Will & Grace is coming back to NBC — and we’re pumped.

“I was really nervous about this version 2.0 of the show,” said Bingeworthy co-host Jessica Shaw. “I thought it was so funny! The four of them have such great chemistry together.” Citing jokes about Jada Pinkett Smith, Shaw thinks that the show has seamlessly made its way into the modern era.

Not so fast though: Her co-host Touré was a loyal viewer of the original show, and for him, the new one came up less than stellar.

“It was so funny! I lived for Jack and Karen, but I also loved the interaction between Will and Grace and how real and honest it was,” he said while claiming that he hoped the original vibe and the force that the actors have together would keep the show great and relevant. “I was not worried! These four are so deeply connected as performers that it’s going to be fine. It’s not fine.”

Well, you’re just going to have to check out the return of Will & Grace Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET on NBC and decide for yourself.

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