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Is there anything you can tease about the dynamic between Roni and Henry in Hyperion Heights on Once Upon a Time? — Melissa
While they don’t know that they’re mother and son — there’s a good joke about that in the premiere — that doesn’t mean they won’t form a bond. “The bar that she works at becomes a bit of a haven for him and a bit of a home base for him when he’s in Hyperion Heights,” Andrew J. West teases. “She’s somebody that he can commiserate with and that he can bounce ideas off of, and they develop a partnership because they both find that they have a common goal in Hyperion Heights.”

Anything about Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy? — Manu
Sure, everyone is thinking about Teddy’s return in terms of Owen, but let’s not forget that Teddy was actually BFFs with Arizona. “They pick up exactly where they left off,” Jessica Capshaw tells me. “They stayed friends. You are to imagine that, in Shondaland, they have remained friends ever since.” There’s even quite a hilarious scene in which they first reunite and Arizona realizes, well, she’s forgotten to update Teddy on a few things.

Any news on The Flash‘s Westallen wedding during the crossover will be greatly appreciated! — Fowsia
How about pre-crossover? That “Girls Night Out” episode I previously told you about? It is indeed the respective bachelor and bachelorette parties for Barry and Iris. Here’s what you should know: Cisco’s best-laid plans go awry with the guys, while a familiar face crashes the girls’ party.

What do you have on Connor from How to Get Away with Murder? — Linda
I can exclusively reveal that D.W. Moffett has booked a role on Murder as Connor’s father. It’s all part and parcel of Connor going through some trials and tribulations this season. “Connor is going to be having an existential crisis about what type of person he wants to be, and I think that’s what the wedding proposal really does for him,” EP Pete Nowalk says. “Is he the marrying type or is he the guy that wants to be a shark, or a lawyer, and like a mini-Annalise?”

What can you tease of Cooper’s storyline on The Blacklist this season? — Godard
What would you say if I told you that we’re going to see Cooper, the pillar of morality, actually team up with Red this season? “Cooper has a great storyline coming up where we actually get to see Cooper and Reddington step outside the Post Office and knock on a few doors together,” EP Jon Bokenkamp. “[He’s] not really setting the badge aside, but we get to see them team up, which is something that we haven’t done before. Cooper has a story that’s incredibly personal to him that’s going to be coming to roost quite soon.”

Anything on The Gifted? I wish Amy Acker were playing a mutant! — Megan
Hey, she’s got plenty coming up, even as a mom without mutant powers. As Caitlin Strucker, she’ll have a lot of internal drama to wrestle with: “When she finds out that her kids are mutants and that her daughter has actually been hiding this from them for a few years and that her son is just finding his abilities, it really starts her questioning whether she’s been believing all the wrong things all this time,” Acker teases. “Maybe she hasn’t spoken up for the things she should have, and maybe she’s been too complacent. It’s a really interesting part to think about: Even if something doesn’t affect us, should we have been fighting for that?” In other words, don’t expect Acker to play a shrinking violet when things start spiraling out of control.

What’s up with Hawaii Five-0‘s Danno? — Cynthia
The show is really going to lean into seeing more of his social life, particularly how he feels about his daughter now being in a serious relationship with Grover’s son, exploring his future plans with McGarrett and his dynamic with new recruit Tani. “His relationship with Tani is a big deal,” EP Peter Lenkov says, explaining that it’s purely platonic between them. “He’s the one that, in some ways, bonds with her very early on, not romantically, just in terms of connecting as team members. Mutual respect. They bond really early, and very much like McGarrett mentoring Junior, Danny’s got that kind of relationship with Tani.”

What’s in store for Sheldon and Amy outside their relationship this year on The Big Bang Theory? — Alicia
Yes, they’re on the path to get married, but there’s trouble in paradise ahead, particularly when it comes to their jobs. “The physics world, especially with the Large Hadron Collider, they were expecting much bigger breakthroughs that they really haven’t seen, whereas neuroscience is really flourishing, it’s such an exciting field and it’s getting a lot of money thrown at it,” EP Steve Holland tells me. “So one of the things we’re going to deal with in a little bit of an arc for Sheldon and Amy is that her career is really taking off and his isn’t doing as well. That’s an interesting place for Sheldon to be. Not only does he think he’s there greatest scientist, but he thinks that physics is the greatest science. He obviously loves and respects Amy, so having him have to deal with those emotions is going to be really fun.”

Anything on Rafael’s situation on Jane the Virgin? — Maria
When he moves in with the Villanueva women for a bit, he’ll do some surprising bonding with Alba. “He and Alba strike up an interesting friendship,” showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman says. ” She starts to get really into his protein smoothies, and he starts to train her a little bit, and they track their Fitbit steps together. It definitely opens up possibilities.” All that being said, Urman adds that Rafael will remain focused on getting his money back.

Will Olivia still be wearing the white hat during the final season of Scandal? — Derren
How Olivia handles certain situations in the premiere will definitely make you question whether power has corrupted her — and who is actually in charge in the Oval Office. “I do believe in that saying that fame doesn’t change you, it reveals who you are, so that’s a lot of what this season has been,” Kerry Washington says. “There’s been a lot of exploration of how can she navigate this extraordinary amount of power being the Chief of Staff of the president and running B613?”

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