Corden is taking us to the 'Candy Shop'

James Corden needs to twerk it out if he hopes to be the next Magic Mike.

Like another sequel in the Magic Mike saga, Corden auditioned to be the next star of the Magic Mike Live shows in a new sketch for The Late Late Show. Though he arrived in the dance studio feeling rejected and doubting himself, Channing Tatum worked his magic and taught the late-night personality how to give the crowd what they want.

There were ups (Corden finally learned how to strip off his pants without knee pads). There were downs (he popped and locked a fellow dancer across the room). There were obstacles to overcome as Corden became overwhelmed by fear of the stage. There was even a Dirty Dancing reference: "I'm scared of what I did, I'm scared of what I saw, but most of all I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life that way that I feel when I'm with you."

It was an entire male-stripping, dancing rom-com wrapped up in a nearly seven-minute sketch.

Magic Mike Live kicked off in Las Vegas earlier in April, sans Corden. "People in general are coming because they know the movies and they think they're going to get something like they saw in the last film, and they're going to get all that," Tatum said of the experience. "But I think they're going to get something else. We don't do live shows. We don't do that. With this, we didn't have any rules so we just started creating crazy s—t and no one told us that wasn't allowed."

Watch Corden and Tatum in the video above.

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