Check out the latest round in the stars' practical joke wars

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Tag, Norman Reedus. You’re it! That’s because The Walking Dead star was on the receiving end of the latest round of pranks between him and costar/bromance buddy Andrew Lincoln. And once again, the weapon of choice was glitter.

The two actors love nothing more than messing with each other and have a history of pulling elaborate pranks at each other’s expense. There was the time where Andrew Lincoln had fan Nick Santonastasso join him to scare Reedus in Toyko.

Of course, Reedus famously fought back by filling Lincoln’s car air conditioning vents with glitter on a hot Georgia summer day.

Naturally, payback was in order, so we at Entertainment Weekly decided to stir the pot a bit and help Lincoln in his latest attack. During our recent EW Walking Dead cover shoot, we coordinated with the man who plays Rick Grimes to avenge his previous glitter humiliation and pop a giant glitter balloon bomb right over an unsuspecting Reedus when he wasn’t looking, and the result was glorious.

Watch the video at the top of the post to see the latest glitter prank for yourself, and then check out the picture series below to see the stunt in all its photographic glory as well as Lincoln’s exuberant reaction. You’re up, Norman!

Credit: Art Streiber for EW

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