By Dalton Ross
September 27, 2017 at 08:00 AM EDT

We’ve already leaked the first six minutes of the next Survivor season (which premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS). But there is one thing you will not see in those six minutes — or in any minutes on any episode this season — and that is the full opening credits sequence featuring the entire cast looking super dramatic in super slow motion as they jump off a boat, compete in challenges, cut bamboo, or just kind of walk around in a bikini.

You won’t see any of that on television, because Survivor long ago did away with it to offer more action on the beach, but you will see it right here! Once again, we’ve got the exclusive goods with the full opening credits sequence and once again, it is gorgeously shot by Scott Duncan.

Feast your eyes on the video above to see yourself and rest comfortably in the knowledge that this season of Survivor may now truly begin. Order has been restored! Balance has been achieved! All is right in the world! Well, maybe not all is right in the world, but things are maybe now a little more right, and that’s something. Anyway, go watch the credits and then also make sure to check out our 35 Reasons to Love Survivor as well as John Kirhoffer’s list of the 35 Best Challenges Ever. You will be happy that you did. So will I. We’ll both be happy!

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