Lockjaw still seems like the best part of the ABC/Marvel/IMAX series

The new Inhumans trailer shows that the special effects for ABC and Marvel’s upcoming series have come a long way since the first images and footage premiered. But even now, fans are still questioning its quality after a lukewarm fan reception from San Diego Comic-Con and IMAX screenings, as well as harsh critical reviews. (EW’s Darren Franich saw some episodes and writes the show “represents all the worst instincts of Marvel’s TV arm.” Ouch!)

However, for Medusa, who we saw getting a particularly close shave in previous previews, the Queen of the Inhumans won’t have to worry about her CGI locks for too long. Spotted in the trailer, the character (played by Serinda Swan) uses her animated hair to pummel a few thugs but is then forced to watch her strands fall from her head a few scenes later. The rest of her family members aren’t in too good of shape, either.

Inhumans, which premiered its first two episodes in IMAX theaters earlier in September, follows the Inhumans royal family, led by the supersonic Black Bolt (Anson Mount). When his brother, Maximus (Iwan Rheon), executes a coup to take the throne of Attilan, their high-tech city, the royals head into hiding on Earth.

Lockjaw — their lovable, oversized, teleporting CGI pet pup — is still proving to be one of the more enjoyable moments of the marketing campaign.

Inhumans lands on ABC beginning Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. ET. Watch the trailer above.

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