Plus, the 'Property Brother' opens up about his injury

By Lynette Rice
September 26, 2017 at 01:38 PM EDT
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Each week, HGTV star Drew Scott is taking EW inside his progress on Dancing with the Stars. This week, Scott weighs in on judge Len Goodman’s pointed comments, his busy travel schedule, and that nagging leg injury. (Head here for our full DWTS recap.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you think you had a chance to go home last night?
DREW SCOTT: You always have that feeling in the back of your mind. Fans felt Len’s feedback [from last week] was too harsh. We felt pretty good about our first dance. But you always have that feeling. As you have seen in the past seasons, people go home you never thought would go home. Fortunately we did not. And last night I feel we crushed it. The energy of the crowd was amazing. Hopefully, we won’t go home tonight.

How did it feel when Len called you a fixer upper?
I have a feeling he came up with that before the show and just wanted to get that out. I am a brand new dancer. I have never danced before. I’m not going to come out the gate looking like a pro. I love the feedback; it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. I’ll take what the judges say. I am a stickler for detail. And by the way, Bruno said last night that I turned myself into a luxury property.

So how is your hamstring? Did Monday’s rehearsal package make more of it than it really was?
No it didn’t even show the intensity of it! It was bad. The weird thing was how I was doing a spin with [partner] Emma Slater, and it felt like her heel kicked me really hard in the back of the leg. But her feet were in front of me. It was like wearing suspenders and someone snaps one. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to dance last night. But the quick step is all straight leg, keeping upright. It’s squatting that hurts that muscle. Tonight we’re doing the rumba and it’s scary for me. The entire dance is me dipping down low and doing low lunges and that’s what activates the pain. It’s better than two days ago. I’ll test it in a half hour. We have worked so hard on this dance, and it’s the most beautiful I have ever seen. But my fear is if we adjust the dance and take out the low moves, it won’t be as amazing or impressive.

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba called you a showstopper, but Len said you are gangly. How did that feel?
Oh my god, it was like back in high school when I sprouted up and was so gangly. I take it to heart. I know it’s not mean-spirited. I know what he’s saying. I’m tall. I don’t want to look like a gangly goof out there, but I’m gonna look like a gangly goof until I learn how to dance. But afterwards, the applause and the cheers went on forever. Emma and I were almost in tears. I was so humbled by it.

Are you filming Property Brothers right now?
I’m filming three of my shows! I’m doing the renovation of my house in L.A. for Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House that will air in November. Right after tonight’s show, I fly to Toronto to shoot Property Brothers: Buying and Selling. We’re doing 17 renovation projects in Toronto over three months. This week I’m also flying to San Diego and New York. I feel bad for Emma. I think all the other dancers are in L.A. She has to go on the road with me nonstop.

Do you know what the dance is for next week?
We just got it in the middle of everything. It’s guilty pleasure. Emma and I are total nerds. You won’t believe what I picked.

Dancing With the Stars airs at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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