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In the future, everyone will have their own cinematic universe. So it goes for theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper, whose whole life will be on display on CBS this season. While Jim Parsons continues his Emmy-winning role on The Big Bang Theory, Iain Armitage will explore the character’s early years as Young Sheldon. The new series is single-camera, a significant style departure from the sitcom mothership. But will there be continuity between the shows? Could there be a crossover?

“It’s something that we’ve talked about,” says Young Sheldon co-creator Steven Molaro, a longtime executive producer on Big Bang. “Between the two shows, you have something of a neat little time machine. As we learn about and meet these characters in Young Sheldon’s life, you start to wonder: ‘Well, where are these people in Sheldon’s life as an adult?'”

So a new character could be introduced in both time periods — simultaneously! “Maybe there’s a kid you meet in Young Sheldon, and now we get to cast that same kid as an adult 30 years later on Big Bang Theory,” Molaro explains. “It’s a weird opportunity, I don’t think most shows get to do things like that.”

Of course, the two Sheldons are separated by decades, so even though Parsons narrates Young Sheldon, the chances of an actual onscreen appearance by either Sheldon on each other’s show is unlikely. “I don’t know that we would do a flashback crossover episode,” says Big Bang showrunner Steve Holland. “It certainly seems like there’s fun opportunities down the line for us to make nods to one another, at least. Even if you just see something from Sheldon’s childhood that then Adult Sheldon makes a reference to, it’s nice to tie those two worlds together a bit.”

Although, Sheldon is a Flash fan… and he is a brilliant scientist… so maybe he could create a wormhole to the past? #Sheldonpoint, get it trending!

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