Over the course of the show’s six seasons, Teen Wolf has delivered plenty of twists. But there’s one in particular that has stuck with showrunner Jeff Davis.

In crafting the show’s series finale, which aired Sunday night, there was one element of the ending that Davis admits he didn’t see coming when he started the show. “I’d be surprised that Scott and Allison aren’t together and that her character ended up dying in the show,” he tells EW. “That still shocks me. I actually have trouble watching the scene because it’s like watching one of my children die.”

But endings are something that constantly change in the world of television. As Davis puts it: “It’s an evolution. You have to change and let go of the endings you thought. You let the characters take you there. And some of the best writing is when you’re surprised by what happens next but it feels right. I’ve been genuinely shocked at some of the twists and turns the narrative and the characters have taken.”

For more of Davis’ thoughts on the Teen Wolf series finale, head here.

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