Prepare yourself for plenty of betrayal


Knightfall, a new drama series on HISTORY, just released its second official trailer ahead of the December series premiere.

The trailer begins with a scene taking place in Paris 1306. The lead, Landry (Tom Cullen), answers a series of questions from the Pope (Jim Carter) including “where were you first prepared to lead the temple?” and “where was that heart tested?” before being deemed the Master of the Temple.

The scene then concludes with the Pope softening his voice a bit, but sternly telling Landry to “find us the Grail.”

In the ensuing snippets from the trailer, we see Landry experiencing skepticism not only from himself but also from others about his abilities to find the Grail.

The trailer then shifts to a heavy focus on elements of betrayal that appear to be evident throughout the show. Landry discovers that the Holy Grail is in France and there is a peek into an apparent assassination plan forming against the Pope.

The trailer then concludes with further hints of betrayal and several scenes of the imminent war and battles ahead.

Check out the new trailer for yourself below and catch the series premiere for Knightfall at 10 p.m. ET on December 6.

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