As Stephanie herself would say: How rude!

Jodie Sweetin has been known for playing Stephanie Tanner for most of her life. Though the actress and her “how rude” catchphrase have spanned almost three decades, Sweetin has never seen an entire episode of the show that made her part of pop culture.

“I have to be honest. I don’t know that I’ve ever watched an entire episode of Full House. Not sat down for an entire episode,” she told the audience at the PaleyFest Fall TV Preview in Beverly Hills, California, on Thursday night.

Full House will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its premiere on Sept. 22nd, the same day season 3 of Fuller House is released on Netflix.

“Now, I don’t have a TV. I have like Netflix and HBO GO, but I don’t have regular TV, so it’s never on in my house,” she explained. “My kids watch it, like at their dad’s house, or on the iPads. But I don’t know that I’ve ever watched it. I watch clips.”

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Sweetin’s two daughters — Zoie Laurel May Herpin, 9, and Beatrix Carlin Sweetin Coyle, 7 —are as much a part of the Fuller House crew as their mom.

“They’re growing up really quick,” Sweetin told PEOPLE. “It’s so fun, though, because they are such a part of my Full House family, too. Both of their birthdays, I was working on set, so they came to set, and we had birthday parties for them there, and cake, and everybody sang, and they got to open presents there.”

“It’s kind of a full circle moment for me, because I spent all my childhood and so many of my birthdays with these same people on the same set,” she added.” “So it’s pretty incredible to watch my kids get to do it, too.”

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