It involves a weed cookie

The moment Dave Franco and wife Alison Brie realized they could weather any storm as a couple came with an ’80s-themed surprise party that went terribly wrong.

“When we first started dating, my birthday came up in the first three months of the relationship,” Franco told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Thursday. “She started planning a surprise party, which was very sweet. But it got out of control.”

The LEGO Ninjago Movie voice actor explained that people showed up in droves, even his “manager’s assistant’s sister’s best friend” was there. Franco, who considers himself a private person, decided to ease his stress with a special edible arrangement. “I freaked out and, to alleviate my anxiety, I chose to consume a weed cookie,” he said. “It had the opposite effect where I ran downstairs and had the first panic attack of my life.”

Franco shouted for everyone to be sent home, but the only one without a ride was this guy dressed as cocaine. You know, ’cause of the whole ’80s party thing. “So I’m downstairs literally throwing up and throwing a tantrum while cocaine is upstairs raiding our fridge.”

He added, “Alison and I still talk about how if we can survive my surprise party, we can survive anything.”

Watch him tell the story in the clip above.

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