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Hawaii Five-0 news, especially about Danny or Steve?! — Bethany
Fear not, McGarrett’s radiation poisoning doesn’t spell death — for now, at least — but it does lead to a new outlook on life. “Everybody assumed we were killing him off and it was like the last season, which was absolutely not on anybody’s mind,” EP Peter Lenkov says. “Clearly it shows that he’s mortal, and it’s going to affect his legacy of what he wants to do post-being a cop. Danny had talked about opening that restaurant, that’s going to be a part of the arc this season of them deciding whether that’s a real viable option for the two of them, to maybe have a retirement game plan in mind down the road.”

How will Liz handle knowing she’s Red’s daughter on The Blacklist this season? — Elyse
At times, she will certainly be torn between the family she’s made and the one she’s just found this season. “Adventures with her dad, Red, get her out of her overly-serious life, and she moves Red a little closer to a moral center,” Megan Boone says. “Everyone else on The Blacklist task force will ultimately cast dispersions at some point because her actions as a CI’s liaison will sometimes be colored with her allegiance to her father.”

I’d like some Brooklyn Nine-Nine scoop! — Derek
Prison Break alum Paul Adelstein will guest star as Seamus Murphy, the head of a prominent crime family, who may have valuable information for the squad. Adelstein first appears in the second episode of season 5, but it is safe to assume that fans will see him again this season.

What’ve you got on Blindspot? — Tony
Even though Blindspot has jumped ahead nearly two years, Mary Stuart Masterson is set to reprise her role as FBI Director Hirst in a recurring capacity in season 3. “We’re so happy to have Mary Stuart Masterson back and to finally have a supportive FBI Director around,” EP Martin Gero says.

I want to know if we’ll see Iris and Cecile’s friendship develop this season on The Flash. — Alexa
There will be some sort of tension between Iris and Cecile, but probably not for the reason you’re thinking. “They have their own interpersonal relationship drama that will go down this season,” says Candice Patton, who explains that it doesn’t necessarily have to do with them being the two women in Joe’s life. “Iris really respects Cecile. I think she knows how much Cecile makes her dad happy, so in Iris’ eyes, she’s a welcome addition to the family. You’ll just have to wait and see how that whole thing between them plays out.”

I’m so happy to see Adelaide Kane back on my TV. Do you have more scoop on her Once Upon a Time character? — Kenya
Lady Tremaine is certainly not the only one who’s wicked this season. “My slogan for [Drizella] is buttoned up and bitchy,” Adelaide Kane says with a laugh. “She seems like a very high-strung, slightly ditzy young woman and she’s just very petty and she’s like that awful bully in high school except that she doesn’t know how to win people to her side, so she’s just alone, snappy, snarky, sarcastic and miserable all the time.”

Anything on Great News? — Shannon
You’re in for a musical treat in the second episode this season, courtesy of Jeff Richmond (a.k.a. Tina Fey’s husband and writer of classics like “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” from 30 Rock and “Peeno Noir” on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), who composed a new original for the newsroom sitcom. When Fey’s Sheryl Sandberg-like new boss Diana St. Tropez starts changing things around MNN, Nicole Richie’s anchor Portia is none too pleased. “Diana ends up getting in a little bit of a squad feud with Portia,” creator Tracey Wigfield teases. “It results in Portia making a ‘Swish Swish’/’Bad Blood’-style video against this powerful businesswoman, using the people in the office.” The song Richmond came up with, Wigfield says, rivals those put out by Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. “I was like ‘Holy sh–, you should just be a billionaire writing songs for Katy Perry,'” she recalls of hearing it for the first time. “Like, ‘Why are you wasting time scoring our show?’”

Is there any chance Stabler and Benson will reunite on SVU this season? — Carlton
Don’t hold your breath. While we will see O.G. Law & Order‘s Jack McCoy make his way to SVU, there are no plans for Christopher Meloni to return — though new showrunner Michael Chernuchin hasn’t completely ruled it out. “His name is tossed around, but we have no plans,” Chernuchin says.

What will we see of Rip this season on Legends of Tomorrow? — Rosa
Even though Rip has created his own Time Bureau, we have not seen the last of him working with the Legends, especially once he starts to uncover the underlying mystery running through this season. “There’s a thing that he discovers, which is very important to him and he feels like, at times, he can sort out on his own, and then also realizes he needs to call on the Legends in order to help him,” Arthur Darvill says. “The Time Bureau, as much as they’re brilliant, they do things in too much of an official way in order for, in his opinion, things to actually get done. So his interaction with the Legends, at the moment, is very much as a means to an end for him in terms of what he’s trying to achieve.”

Will we see more murder on How to Get Away with Murder this season? — Paula
I took your Q to executive producer Pete Nowalk. His response? “Will we see more murder? We will see more blood.”

This week in TV: Wicked always wins.

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