The host also reveals how much Cody won the fan vote by and her dream Celebrity Big Brother candidate

By Dalton Ross
September 21, 2017 at 10:19 AM EDT

Each week, host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother house. This week, she weighs in on the controversial finish. (You can also read/hear from the final three with their opinions on the final jury vote right here.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Well, they say to expect the unexpected on this show, but how shocked are you that the jury voted for Josh over Paul, especially considering Josh got votes from people like Cody and Mark that he tormented inside the house?
JULIE CHEN: I didn’t know what to expect with the jury votes. Honestly, I thought this will be either a landslide for Paul, or Josh wins by a vote of two. The only locks I thought Paul had were Raven and Matt. But I thought Alex would bury the hatchet being the gamer she is, and that Cody would also respect and recognize that Paul truly did outplay everyone. No dice. Not even from Mark, who seemed so level-headed when it comes to being about who played who and who was running the show.

Do you think the jury made the right decision?
I think the jury made the wrong choice. Paul was robbed. But Josh was no slouch. He won competitions, had a conscience and didn’t mislead people in the same slick way that Paul did.

Paul looked shell-shocked by the vote. Being there, what was your take on how stunned and disappointed he was?
More than stunned, I think Paul was embarrassed and upset. But more embarrassed than anything. You could feel his frustration with himself for miscalculating how the jury would ultimately vote. He should have shown more remorse in his final plea to the jury. And he shouldn’t have been making faces during Josh’s speech to the jury.

Speaking of surprises, what do you think about Cody winning the fan favorite vote, even though he was out of the house pretty early… twice!
Cody not only won America’s Favorite Houseguest, but he won by A LOT! Wow. I guess people responded to him suddenly being the underdog and being persona non grata in the house. He was also not a phony. He was straightforward with people — if he didn’t like you, he told you to your face… for better or worse. People responded to his honesty if you will.

Finally, we have Celebrity Big Brother coming up this winter. Give me one dream celebrity contestant you would like to get in the BB house.
One dream celebrity in the house? Andrew Dice Clay.

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